“European Solidarity” demands that Zelensky be summoned to a special commission on the Wagner Group Affair – Petro Poroshenko

“European Solidarity” demands the summoning of Volodymyr Zelensky to a meeting of the parliamentary Temporary Commission of Inquiry to investigate treason and to receive an explanation about the Wagner Group case.

The fifth President and the leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko said this in a video address. He stressed that after a series of confessions by Zelensky in an interview with the largest oligarch-run TV channel, the country needs truth and answers.

“We are talking about obvious threats to national security and all too common lies from the President. The Wagner Group has been lied about more than once in Office. For a whole year, it was claimed that there had been no special operation to detain thirty-three Russian mercenaries, on whose hands were the blood of dead Ukrainians and the downing of IL-76, An-26 and other planes,” Petro Poroshenko reminded.

“Yesterday, for the first time in all this time, Zelensky admitted that the special operation he once denied had been prepared and made it clear that it was he who curtailed it at the last moment. We know the result of this decision. Over the summer of 2020, freaks from Wagner’s private army have escaped responsibility for the killings of our soldiers and have forever disappeared in the vast expanses of Russia, “Petro Poroshenko said.

“Now Zelensky has accused our partners of allegedly involving Ukraine in someone else’s special operation. This is a lie again. And the truth is that I personally sanctioned the development, preparation and conduct of a special operation when I was still President. And he ordered to involve our Western partners in this Ukrainian special operation. Putin’s Wagner assassins have left their bloody marks in many parts of the world. And many people are hunting for them, trying to bring them to justice, “said the fifth President.

Poroshenko stressed that Zelensky’s statements and actions undermine the credibility of the Ukrainian special services in the eyes of intelligence agencies run by our Euro-Atlantic partners, with whom building relations had taken five years, Poroshenko noted.

Zelensky’s “confessions” only underscored how urgent the need for an independent investigation into the disruption of this special operation, especially against the backdrop of the confusing story that it was he who “warned” Lukashenko of the operation. And here we need clarity. Society must know the truth, “Poroshenko is affirmed.

“Unlike Zelensky, I will not allow myself to make unsubstantiated accusations of treason. This requires an impartial investigation. And if the SBU, which Zelensky controls one hundred percent, has no questions for Ermak, and, obviously, for Zelensky, then the Ukrainian people will have these questions. Therefore, next week in the Verkhovna Rada, European Solidarity, together with its partners, will demand that a special enquiry investigates possible acts of treason, including the disruption of a special operation to detain Wagner thugs. And to invite Volodymyr Zelensky to this meeting. I will only be content when he can settle questions about his role in this affair and of his entourage, “Poroshenko said.