Nina Yuzhanina: In conditions of economic downturn, Zelensky’s government proposes increasing tax pressure on business

European Solidarity has developed an alternative bill, №5600-6, the provisions of which will have a positive impact on business and people’s lives in Ukraine.

This was stated by the People’s Deputy of the European Solidarity faction Nina Yuzhanina during a speech from the rostrum of the parliament.

“Given the need to support business in Ukraine during the quarantine and post-quarantine period, in a downturn in the economy, the government proposes increasing the tax burden on business and even covered up the destruction of alleged tax schemes. The need to prepare and submit this alternative bill (№ 5600 – 6) by MPs of the European Solidarity faction is explained by the need to ensure stability and stimulate economic growth in Ukraine without increasing the tax burden,” Yuzhanina said.

“The bill proposes introducing a tax on withdrawn capital from January 1, 2022 to replace income tax, from January 2, 2022 the introduce a three-year moratorium on increasing tax rates and fees to replace the base and objects of taxation, which will lead to an increase in tax or collection. Also, we will ensure that the term of the moratorium on conducting inspections of taxpayers cannot be reduced by the Cabinet of Ministers during the quarantine period, ”the deputy noted.

In addition, the bill proposes the establishment, without exceptions, a ban on the conduct of planned activities by state supervisory authorities and the implementation of state supervision.

“There are other norms that we have proposed that will have a positive impact on business and people’s lives in Ukraine. According to leading international and Ukrainian economists, in the second half of 2021 and 2022, the trends of economic relations in the world will provide for favourable conditions for economic reforms, and all countries except Ukraine will benefit from it, “Yuzhanina said.

“Thus, without increasing the burden on business with an alternative, economically sound approach, we will not be able to ensure the overall recovery and strengthening of the competitiveness of Ukraine’s economy, as well as protect against corruption risks, which will positively affect business conditions,” Yuzhanina said.

“The alternative bill is completely different in its philosophy. We are for business, for the development of Ukraine’s economy, “the deputy added.