Poroshenko calls on the parliament to officially include “Wagnergate” on the agenda of the Special Commission and is ready to come to the meeting with Zelensky

Petro Poroshenko is ready to attend a meeting of the Temporary Commission of Inquiry if the issue of the disruption of a special operation to detain Russian war criminals from the Wagner group, and leaking secret information about it to the Russians, is officially included within the scope of the investigation. So stated Poroshenko during a trip to Slovyansk in the Donetsk region.

“We will not take part in the fake commission, which was created by just two political forces – Servant of the People and OPZZh. They have law enforcement agencies at their disposal. To date, the position of law enforcement agencies has already been expressed – neither the SBU nor the Office of the Prosecutor General will deal with Wagner Group, because they have no desire to do so, “- said the fifth President.

“We have put forward a proposal – either create a separate commission of inquiry or include the Wagner case in the existing commission of inquiry. This will be necessary in order to protect Ukrainian soldiers, to protect Ukrainian spies who may testify – including completely clandestine ones – from persecution by the current authorities, which is currently undermining the case against the Wagner Group,” Poroshenko emphasized.

“We will vote to help investigate the subject of any commission of inquiry, including the Wagner case. We will provide our representatives, and I want to thank both the Voice and the Fatherland parties for their united position on this issue,” Poroshenko said, proposing to make this the first issue on the agenda at the next sitting of the Verkhovna Rada.

As the Fifth President has repeatedly pointed out, during his tenure as Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, he authorized this special operation, which Zelensky later thwarted, guaranteeing the freedom of war criminals with the blood of Ukrainians on their hands. Therefore, Poroshenko believes that his participation in the commission meeting will be much more effective if Zelensky is also present.

“This is especially relevant after Zelensky’s interview. Just as I, the fifth president, agree to come, so must the sixth president must come and testify about whom he called, what he said. Who among his entourage surrendered an operation that would bring not only 33 murderers of Ukrainians, but also Putin and Russia to international responsibility for their aggression against Ukraine? So, we are waiting for the decision of the parliament and the convening of the commission,” Petro Poroshenko summed up.