Poroshenko’s lawyers sued President Zelensky demanding disclosure of all originals of “Bihus documentaries”

Lawyers for the fifth president and the leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko have filed a lawsuit against President Zelensky demanding that the “wiretapping” of the members of the public become illegal and that all so-called “Bihus records” be made public in their original form. Such was reported by Lawyer Igor Golovan.

“Bihus has to publish all its ‘footage.’ The enchanting interview of Zelensky on the 1 + 1 chaneel clearly confirmed the obvious assumptions about the involvement of the presidential office in the Bihus’ info video on the so-called “Medvedchuk films.” The interview left no doubt that these actions, led from the presidential office and carried out by Bihus info, were not directed against Medvedchuk and his interlocutors, but exclusively against Zelensky’s main political opponent, Petro Poroshenko,” Golovan wrote on Facebook.

“As for Medvedchuk, Bihus and his team are more like a cover-up operation. ‘Investigators’ have done everything in their powers to compromise the “eavesdropping” evidence and to create conditions for recognizing the records as inadmissible,” said Igor Golovan.

He emphasizes that Bihus has not kept their promise to publish all the conversations they recorded.

“Instead of publishing the recordings that Bihus and their team received from their source (of course, from the President’s Office, but this is a hypothesis), Bihus info instead slipped the public three more ‘editions’ with mounted and edited audio. And they try to fool us with timing. At first, Bihus mentioned that they had 6 hours of recordings. Then they ‘corrected’ themselves, they say that there was not 6 hours, but actually 36 hours. In fact, the timing of three videos all in all, according to Bihus, was 35 hours 9 minutes 14 seconds, “- said the lawyer.

“But even 36 hours do not correspond to Bihus’s tales such as: ‘The whole editorial office has been sitting and listening to recordings for a week now.’ Or: “Our entire editorial office listened to the recordings for weeks.” Why weeks for 36 hours? To listen to 36 hours in one week, even in five working days, you need to listen for 7 hours and 12 minutes every day. If two people listen, 3 hours and 36 minutes each. Three – for 2 hours and 24 minutes. And the entire editorial board of experienced investigators would have to work those miserable 36 hours in a couple of days,” Golovan noted.

“I’m sure Bihus is lying again. Why? It is possible that they afraid of their sponsors. After all, records were probably recroded in 2019. And there are probably voices of officials currently in power. So, this “eavesdropping” was definitely much longer than 36 hours. And all the records are of significant public interest, and therefore should be made public,” said the lawyer of the fifth President.

“Therefore, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of Petro Poroshenko against the President of Zelensky and the “Volume 14” NGO, demanding that they recognize the illegal concealment of “wiretapping ” evidence from the public and to oblige them to publish all records in their original form,” – summed up Golovan.