Petro Poroshenko visited Donbass on the anniversary of the liberation of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk – Brings advanced equipment and honours Ukrainian heroes

The fifth President of Ukraine and leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko visited the Donetsk region on the anniversary of the liberation of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk.

Poroshenko personally handed over a consignment of equipment worth almost a million hryvnia to the military. The video surveillance kit was purchased jointly by volunteers and the Poroshenko Foundation. In addition to the optical reconnaissance equipment, 5 powerful generators and 2.5 kilometres of mesh were brought to the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade.

“3,124 people joined our cooperation with the 10th brigade. Some donated 5 hryvnias, some – 5 thousand, some 10 thousand. It is very important that you see with your own eyes these generators, surveillance systems, mesh – just today’s batch of equipment is worth almost a million hryvnias and everything that gets donated is passed on to our soldiers. In safe hands. There is an absolute order to what we’re doing here, it is registered, and even during the rotation of the team the equipment will remain for those who will come to the front, “Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

“These donations primarily lead to a reduction in losses of the brigade personnel. This is the main thing. And this is thanks to you, those who did not remain indifferent. Those who joined this initiative. Those who helped our army. Thank you very much,” the fifth President thanked all the volunteers who joined the fundraising campaign.

“I want to thank you for this help. It was necessary, both for the management of troops and for protecting their lives,” said the brigade commander, Colonel Vyacheslav Kotlyk.

“I was pleased to hear that the system is working effectively, that it is saving the lives of our soldiers. This greatly increases the effectiveness of our surveillance and, consequently, fire response. Already these inhuman Russian occupiers are afraid to crawl out of their hiding spots. And we hope that this will reduce losses at the front, because we see that Ukraine is paying a high price. Yesterday a hero of ours in the 93rd brigade died, four children are now left at home, “Poroshenko reminded.

“We must increase the strength of our army, of our combat capabilities. We are now asking questions about increasing the number of donations, about increasing the money supply, about improving these security systems. Finally, the State Defence Order should be reformed, so that the latest weapons, which were developed in previous times, will definitely enter the army, ”the leader of European Solidarity emphasized.

Traditionally, Poroshenko’s team brought delicacies to the soldiers – this time, famous Melitopol cherries. Poroshenko thanked the military for protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Ukraine and its security are in safe hands,” said the fifth President.

In Slovyansk, Poroshenko honoured the memory of Ukrainian activist and Hero of Ukraine Volodymyr Rybak, who was tortured in April 2014 by Russian militants.

“On April 17, 2014, a man born in the city of Horlivka, captured by Russian mercenaries, did not stand for seeing the Ukrainian flag being knocked down over his native Horlivka and watching the rag of the so-called DNR hung. He was not afraid to restore the Ukrainian flag. Mr. Volodymyr was captured right in front of the Stirol House of Culture in Horlivka, 500 meters from the flag he restored,” Petro Poroshenko recalled.

The leader of “European Solidarity” also noted that at that time he arrived into Horlivka, concert ” Kvartal 95″ , a Ukrainian comedy group associated with Zelensky, came there, as stated on their poster, “to mock the Ukrainian government.” Imagine – Russian mercenaries seize Rybak, and immediately after they arrive to “mock the Ukrainian government,” Poroshenko was indignant.

“I want to pay my respect to Olena Rybak, his daughter. Today we are here to honour the memory of a Hero of Ukraine. I am proud that my signature is under this Decree on conferring this high title on Volodymyr Rybak – a real Ukrainian, the leader of the Ukrainian movement in Horlivka, ” said the fifth President.

“We will do everything we can not to allow people to erase the memory of Ukrainian heroes with Ukraine in their hearts. We will not allow this to happen, “Poroshenko stressed.

In Kramatorsk, Poroshenko met with volunteers and families of fallen soldiers. At the “Together for Victory” volunteer centre, he thanked the patriots of Donbas for their efforts to support the Ukrainian army.

“Since 2014, we have defended Ukraine only through the efforts of volunteers. I say this as the fifth President and as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, that then there would be nothing without these volunteers, “he stressed. Petro Poroshenko promised the families of the fallen heroes to help erect a monument to their sons and husbands who died in the fighting in the Donbas. This appeal was handed over by Kramatorsk activists to the fifth President.

Poroshenko stressed that in Donetsk region he will not allow for any referendums on the separation of Donbas from Ukraine. “We will not even allow this question to be asked. We will not even allow such thoughts! In order to liberate two thirds of the occupied Donbass, seven years ago the Armed Forces, along with units of the National Guard, volunteers, irregulars, and heroes fought to expel Russian mercenaries. Exactly 7 years ago Slavyansk was liberated. And within two hours my team and I were in Slovyansk. Let those who want referendums see with what look in their eyes the hostages came out of the basements of the SBU, and City Council buildings had,” the fifth President is stated defiantly.

“Now we have to save Ukraine as we saved it 7 years ago,” said the leader of European Solidarity.