The trial of General Pavlovsky and the leadership of the Rybalska factory is a deliberate undermining of the country’s defence capabilities – European Solidarity

The trial of combat general Ihor Pavlovsky and the head of the “Kuznya na Rybalskomu” plant, Valery Shandra, is a politically motivated crime committed by the authorities, which fits into the campaign to discredit and harass Ukraine’s defenders: veterans, heroes and volunteers.

This is a campaign in which the authorities are attacking those who played a significant role in defending the country from Russian aggression – whether an ordinary soldier or a former Supreme Commander. Zelensky’s office began this campaign in 2019, banning the army from liberating its homeland and seeking peace in Putin’s eyes.

General Pavlovsky was one of the key commanders of Mariupol’s defence in 2014, for which several criminal cases have been filed against him in Russia. During Igor Pavlovsky’s tenure as Deputy Minister of defence in 2015-2019, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received a record number of samples of weapons and military equipment, which were successfully used by our defenders on land and at sea. And for this they are trying to condemn him not only in Russia, which is understandable, but also in Ukraine, which simply boggles the mind.

Pavlovsky is far from the only general against whom criminal cases are being spun at the instructions of the Zelensky authorities, which then promptly fall apart before being sent to court. These include cases against Generals Marchenko, Melnyk, Shevchuk, Nazarov and others.

It seems that harassing and punishing those who resisted the Kremlin and its Novorossiya project is Bankova’s mission. Perhaps through these means, Zelensky is preparing for a personal meeting with Putin.

By persecuting former defence Ministry officials, the government is demoralizing those who now hold key positions in the defence ministry. This is a clear signal to both the current leadership and to future administrations about the dangers of taking responsibility, making decisions, and giving orders.

It is worth noting that the campaign against the Rybalsky plant, which played an important role in strengthening the Ukrainian Navy, was launched at the same moment as an intensification of the Russian military presence in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas.

At the beginning of the war, Rybalsky turned out to be the only domestic shipbuilding enterprise capable of quickly establishing the production of high-quality boats equipped with domestic weapons. In addition, the ships built there were many times cheaper than any foreign counterparts currently on sale, but which in 2014-15, no one intended to sell to us. To meet demand, ” Rybalsky”, along with state, in addition to state, attracted its own and creditors, and spent more on production than it received through funding.

Even before the war, the company produced the “Lutsk” and “Ternopil” -type corvettes. Since 2014, the plant has built 7 boats commissioned by the Ministry of Defense, which current serve in the Azov and Black Seas. The rest of the boats were not taken into service solely under political pressure. Now the government, deliberately paralyzing the work of a leading shipbuilding company concern, plans to buy boats abroad, the price of which is many times higher than the cost of domestic ones. Domestic ships, which are not inferior in combat qualities, and even better than their imported counterparts.

European Solidarity is outraged by the number of illegal decisions taken by the Pechersk court against former officials of the Ministry of defence and heads of defence companies, and the setting of an absurd bail, which is completely removed from justice.

The author of this criminal case, as we have already emphasized, is Volodymyr Zelensky himself. The case’s jury is Smirnov, the deputy head of his Office, and the executioner, who is also known for other similar cases – is Andriy Portnov.

The State Bureau of Investigation, which has become a Zelensky’s tool, is directly responsible for fabricating cases, which was confirmed, among other things, by the recording of conversations at the office of the former head of the DBR, which later became public.

Among other things, the government is trying to divert attention away from, not only from their continuous failures with the economy, but also from their own role in gifting Russians with state secrets regarding the special operation to detain Russian war criminals from Wagner’s private army.

Against the backdrop of recent events, as well as in light of the smear campaign of the best generals of the new Ukrainian army, all of Zelensky’s patriotic statements sound not like a patriotic rally, but rather a cheap, insignificant whinge, that is and cannot be, trusted