Poroshenko: the case of “Wagnerians” should be investigated by the real comission, instead of political club of “Servants of the people” and OPZZh

The fifth president and leader of the European Solidarity party, Petro Poroshenko, calls on the parliament to bring the Wagnergate case under the jurisdiction of a Temporary Commission of Inquiry. He stated this during the conciliation council. Poroshenko believes that all those involved in the “sinking” of the special operation should have to testify in the comission.

“Soon it will be the anniversary of how the traitors in our country’s leadership disrupted the operation, which has already entered the history of Ukraine as an operation committed by Wagner agents,” the fifth President said.

“I definitely have something to report to special commission. And I am happy to talk to the members of the commission. But this commission, which is taking up the issue, is not an investigative commission by the entire parliament, but rather only a political club of two factions – “Servants of the people” and “OPZZH,”” Petro Poroshenko stated.

“I think you still lack Putin and Lukashenko’s permission to discuss with us your position on the ‘merger’ of this operation,” Poroshenko said.

“It is necessary to add Wagnergate to the subject of this current commission. Put it to the vote and invite everyone involved in the “ – said the leader of European Solidarity.