Alexander Turchinov: “Zelensky’s henchmen” throw combat general behind bars for proper performance of duties

In August-September 2014, the Pechersk court threw a combat general and the organizer of the defence of Mariupol, General Igor Pavlovsky, under orders of the Zelensky authorities.

He is accused of professional performance of official duties, namely: the development and manufacture of new weapons for the Ukrainian army.

Unprecedented commissions and unjust decisions are a systematic work of Zelesnky’s team, for which all those who have defended and are able to defend the country are a personal danger. It is no coincidence that this is happening on the eve of the President’s Office’s preparations for a meeting with Putin.

The biggest scandal is the amount of bail approved by the Pechersk court at the request of the sham investigation – UAH 476 million. This is a deposit to be paid by a military man who lives in a rented apartment and has no business.

A bail that is simply incomparable to bails for those accused of treason or corruption. It is needed so that there is no chance to snatch from Pavlovsky, Shandra and other participants from prison, those subject to other sham cases, who have actually become hostages, and from whom they want to take out of the picture, as enemies of the current regime.

All this is a reincarnation of the Yanukovych regime, against which we stood on the Maidan. All this is a clumsy copy of Putin’s authoritarianism, which we have been fighting against since 2014.