MEPs from European Solidarity during a rally in support of General Pavlovsky: Zelensky’s government systematically persecuting defenders of Ukraine

The case against General Pavlovsky is another attack on Ukraine’s defenders. This was stated by participants at a rally in support of General Pavlovsky, which took place before the Office of the President. Participants of the action – veterans of the war against Russian aggression, volunteers, activists and deputies demanded the release of the hero of Mariupol’s defence, former Deputy Defense Minister, Igor Pavlovsky, as well as the leaders of the “Kuznya na Rybalskomu” plant, which manufactures warships.

Volodymyr Zelensky is afraid of the defenders of Ukraine and combat generals, so he throws them behind bars. This was stated by European Solidarity MP Sofia Fedina. “They don’t understand that not only our army, but also the Ukrainian political nation has crystallized in this war,” Fedina said. “At a critical time for the state, we have those who will lead the struggle for independence. We have not only officers – we have combat generals, whom victim-in-chief Zelensky is so afraid of today. And that is why he is suing a lot of generals, but every case falls apart, ” Sofia Fedina reminded.

The hero of Ukraine, lieutenant general, and People’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykhailo Zabrodsky is convinced that the case against Pavlovsky is a persecution of those who have taken responsibility for the country.
“From the first day, someone else tried to understand the logic of this accusation, then everything became clear. Do you think this is really about landing craft? It’s not about knots and speeds, it’s not about displacement, it’s about the fact that the someone who was appointed must now sit behind bars. And the whole process was subordinated to this. A clear power dynamic was fulfilled… Why is all this being done? The first and main goal is to suspend the supply of domestic equipment, the second goal is to discredit the patriotic movement, those who are not afraid to take responsibility back in 2014. We had a lot of problems, we lacked a lot of equipment, and most importantly – we lacked someone who can make decisions. And this country should thank God that such people were found. And now this campaign, which is unfolding, is directed against them. It is aimed at all those who were not afraid then.”

“They came to power without even hiding why they -” stop shooting “,” look your enemy in his eyes and meet him halfway. ” In the interview, both Kolomoisky and Zelensky’s aides said that Russia should not be provoked, that an agreement should be reached.

“How many cases have there been against our patriots? General Pavlovsky is just one of them. Let us remember General Marchenko, General Shevchuk, Melnyk, the Antonenko-Dugar-Kuzmenko case. Many more will be persecuted, unfortunately. Let us remember these names. Zelensky and his cronies are invested into one thing – they at war, and will be at war, with everything that prevents the implementation of his plan which seems so simple and obvious to him: why should we be resisting Russia?”

“We all have to get together, because we need to tell Zelensky and co that there is a difference between Ukraine and Malorossiya, because the latter has no future. And the fact that Putin is now writing articles in Ukrainian means only one thing – they are preparing a new stage of the offensive, it is very important for them now to break our will to resist. And Zelensky continues to coddle up to the Russian president.”

“When Zelensky received summons to take up arms and go to defend our state, he avoided it. What did this all lead to? As a result, we now meet our comrades in the courts, where we now come to defend our comrades, volunteers, and medics who directly participated in both the Maidan and the anti-terrorist operation. And including combat generals who made every effort to ensure that our defence capabilities were able to defend the state… Unfortunately, we now have to protect each other, and go to court. We clearly understand that without quality leadership, an ordinary soldier, no matter how much he wants to defend his country, without quality management, without a clear position of the commander, cannot do so,” said MP Mykhailo Bondar.

The arrest of General Pavlovsky was a direct order from the President’s Office, said Vitaliy Haidukevich, a public activist and journalist.

“The government uses judges, uses unskilled prosecutors, uses unskilled judges to fabricate political pressure. This is a very telling story, because – look at who is being pressured and you will understand who Zelensky’s enemy is, whom he is afraid of. They decided to try to see how people would react when political cases against former Defence Ministry officials are fabricated. I assume that Pavlovsky is only the first person they set their sights on recently,” says Haidukevich.

“Zelensky declared war on those who defended and liberated Ukrainian land. General Marchenko, General Pavlovsky, special forces agents Antonenko and Dugar. When the case against Pavlovsky opens, you need to think about who will be next. Not only did Putin open a criminal case against Igor Pavlovsky, but now Zelensky has opened one. These are partners in crime. We will leave as long as there is no respect for the Ukrainian army. It is Zelensky who did not raise the salaries of our military, it is Zelensky who disrupts our defence order for the second year. He is stopping these reforms. And not only the opposition speaks about it, our international partners speak about it. That is why we will protect all our military who suffer from the Zelensky regime, “said MP Maria Ionova.

Veteran of the war against Russian aggression Marusya Zvirobiy emphasized: “We have been watching this from the very beginning of Zelensky’s term – he shows not only Ukrainians, but first of all Russia and Putin his position when he closes the military behind bars with no proof. If the prosecutor’s office says on TV that they have no evidence against Pavlovsky, I heard the same thing when Antonenko was imprisoned and the man sat without evidence for a whole year. And our courts differ from the world judicial system by absolute arbitrariness, ”says Zvirobiy.

Gleb Babich, a veteran of the war against Russian aggression, activist and blogger, says: “These people sitting here always says one thing and does another. I always say, don’t look behind your lips, look behind your hands. What hands do is the essence of a person will say anything. It all started with veterans, volunteers, the case of Kuzmenko, Antonenko, then moved on to the military. There was Marchenko’s case, which fell apart, but they are still under investigation. There were a number of other cases against the military and patriots. Now not only the combat general, but also the management of the only shipbuilding plant which can build military equipment has been taken into custody. Any official in the Armed Forces who is responsible for defence capabilities, any head of an enterprise who builds something for the army, will be afraid, and will try not to do anything so as not to get put behind bars in a hurry,

“You see what is happening, President Zelensky says that we will build a wall, let the people say in a referendum that we do not need Donbass and we will give it away – and Vladimir Putin says the same. Zelensky is trying to dismantle the law on language – Putin’s article was published, in which he explains why we have no language or Ukrainian people. A coincidence? I don’t think so. It seems to me that no matter what President Zelensky says, he is doing everything to dismantle the state, the army, our motivation, our faith, and all these scenarios are being written in Moscow. Whatever statements he makes, you can see what his hands are doing,” Babich said.

Protesters observed a moment of silence for the Marines who died a year ago near Zaitsev. “We have to fight for our freedom. To fight as those who died for Ukraine fought. Let’s unite, let’s fight this invasion,” said Serhiy Zhuravel, the father of the deceased Marine Yaroslav Zhuravl.

The protesters called on the international community to warn President Zelensky of usurping power, curtailing European reforms, and political repression, and called for sanctions on those on Magnitsky’s list, against all those involved in illegal activities, violations of the law and breaches of citizens’ rights.