Poroshenko compared Putin’s article about Ukraine to “Mein Kampf”: It prepares Russians for a possible increase of aggression against our state

Putin’s article about Ukraine is a kind of “Main Kampf” written by the Russian president. The fifth President and the leader of the European Solidarity party, Petro Poroshenko, said this during a telethon on the Pryamiy, Espressi and Channel 5 TV channels. He noted that the vast majority of Ukrainians had not read the article, which meant that the Kremlin’s influence on Ukraine’s domestic policy was waning. However, it is still worth reading – to understand the strategic intentions of the aggressor country, Petro Poroshenko stated.

“Putin wrote the article in Ukrainian. The whole world is talking about it, and I’m sure – 99 percent of Ukrainians have not read it. Why? Because they live with a firm conviction: Putin does not and should not influence the intellectual, cultural, linguistic, or any other space of Ukraine. This is a definite achievement,” Poroshenko stressed.

“But here I advise you – be sure to read this article, because it is not about Ukraine’s domestic policy, but about Russia’s foreign policy. I would equate this article by Putin, which defines a possible strategy for the Russian Empire under His Majesty Putin for decades to come, not years, with “Mein Kampf,” the fifth president said.

“What is Putin saying to the Russians? He is preparing the Russians for a possible aggression against the whole of Ukraine. This theme runs through the entire article. What does he say to Ukrainians? “I am in favour of recognizing the territorial integrity of Ukraine, we are not going to violate it.” What does this mean for Ukrainians? He does not need the Donetsk or Luhansk regions. He needs our territorial integrity in order to preserve the “federal district of Ukraine” as part of his Russian Empire,” Petro Poroshenko is convinced.

“I would like to draw a parallel with Putin’s speech at the Munich Security Conference in 2007. He also stressed Russia’s change in foreign policy and security foreign policy. What happened after that? Aggression against Georgia. Unlike Ukraine, which stopped him at the border and liberated two-thirds of the occupied Donbass, Putin reached Tbilisi. Putin’s planes bombed Poti. He captured and consolidated Abkhazia and Ossetia. And it seems to me that it was very frivolous of Zelensky to comment after this article: “He had no time to meet with me, and yet had time to write an article.” Friends, this article means that Ukraine is in danger,” Petro Poroshenko states.

“We must restore international solidarity in support of the integrity of Ukraine, which we built with you in 2014, which is now being eroded due to Zelensky’s erratic behaviour, “Poroshenko said. He criticized Zelensky’s desire to meet with Putin without the participation of international partners.

“Our partners say that they will defend Ukraine side by side. He says – no need, I’ll go myself. I will meet him myself. Be it in Geneva, in Jerusalem, or in Istanbul, or wherever. Look – look how repetitive this all is. Then they produce the Geneva format, then the Washington format, then the Budapest format, then more meetings. This has ceased to be taken seriously by anyone. It is horrible when, as a result of such incompetent actions, Ukraine as a whole is not taken seriously,” the leader of European Solidarity warned.

“It is our task with you to prevent this. Both I, our team, and our partners, all patriots of Ukraine will do everything possible to protect the interests of Ukraine, “the fifth President summed up.