Petro Poroshenko on the anniversary of the tragedy MH17: Every day the world is getting closer to the punishment for this crime

From the first minutes of the terrible MH17 tragedy in the skies over the Russian-occupied Donbass, no one doubted who was to blame for the downing of the airliner, who was responsible for the deaths of 298 passengers and crew, and who should appear before an international court and be punished for their crimes, before humanity. The fifth President and leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko, wrote about this on the anniversary of the downing of the Malaysian aircraft.

“Justice is not delivered quickly, it takes time and strategic vision. As I did long ago, I still have no doubts about the correctness of Ukraine’s decision to transfer the right to lead the international investigation to the Dutch side. We did not give key witnesses to the Russian side and did not disrupt special operations, unlike our current leaders. Instead, they were systematically and professionally approaching the day when we would establish the truth,” Petro Poroshenko said.

“Thanks to the activities of the Joint Investigation Team of Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine, everyone now knows that the plane was shot down by the Russian “Buk” anti-aircraft missile system. That this equipment belonged to Russian troops. And that it was brought and returned from the territory of the Russian Federation – the criminal and the perpetrator of this tragedy,” the fifth President stated.

“The investigation has been going on for seven long years, but every day the world is getting closer to the end of the trial and the expected verdict. As in the first minutes of the tragedy of flight MH17, I have no doubt that the truth will be established. Our common task is to bring all those involved in this terrorist attack to justice. We still remember!” Poroshenko wrote.