Artur Gerasimov: a year after the failure of the special operation with “Wagner Group”, Zelensky went from a lie to an actual “guilty plea”

Next week will mark a year since the Zelensky Office leaked information marked “top secret” about the operation of Ukrainian special services to detain Russian Wagner terrorists from a police station. This was stated during a speech from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada by the co-chairman of the European Solidarity faction Artur Gerasimov. He also noted that Zelensky is step by step carrying out the “Lukashenko-ization” of Ukraine.

“This year, Zelensky has come a long way from just lying, as if the operation was a fabrication, to appearing guilty, that the operation was a failure, to stating that he personally warned Lukashenko about what was going on there. But for a year, we have not come close to the main answer – who is this Russian mole? Although for most conscious Ukrainians it is already very obvious,” Gerasimov said.

“And even when the opposition demanded the creation of a special commission in parliament to investigate this treason, Zelensky’s servants first dragged their feet, and then created a smokescreen with their fifth columnists. There are no representatives of the pro-Ukrainian opposition in this smokescreen of a commission. Because the investigation into the failure of Wagner’s special operation does not belong in its sphere of jurisdiction – it is not officially registered, “Gerasimov said.

He also noted that in total, according to Ukrainian journalists, between July-December 2020, seven operations of Ukrainian spies were disrupted, as a result of which Ukrainian citizens died.

“And while three dozen murderers of Ukrainians remain at large, the Ukrainian authorities have thrown combat prisoner Igor Pavlovsky behind bars. One of the key commanders of the defence of Mariupol. The authorities are also holding hostage Valery Shandra, the head of Ukraine’s only defence company which was able to build modern combat boats for the Armed Forces. Boats, which completely suited Zelensky, when it was possible to make advertisements with them in the background. And which suddenly became “defective” as soon as it was necessary to distract Ukrainians from his failures in the economy, international politics – record tariffs, lack of subsidies, tax attacks against the middle class and rampant corruption, “- said Gerasimov.

The co-chairman of the faction noted that the authorities are systematically persecuting combat generals, veterans, volunteers, patriots, and all those who thwarted Putin’s plans in 2014-15.

“Our allies see this as a degradation. Journalists say that Western partners no longer provide intelligence to us as unconditionally as they did under Poroshenko. In particular, due to the use by the Bank of Ukrainian of spies to abduct Judge Chaus from the territory of friendly Moldova. This has led not only to Ukraine’s reputational losses, but also to a strain on relations between Zelensky and Sand, which requires answers to unpleasant questions, ”Gerasimov said.

“All these are links in a chain on which Zelensky wants to lead us away from NATO and the EU. Despite this is a direct violation of Article 102 of the Constitution. Unfortunately, Zelensky is used to violating the Constitution and usurping power by all means. A recent example is when Bankova initiated a state investigation against the Supreme Court because it acknowledged that Zelensky had broken the law. And instead going to the proceedings as promised, he uses law enforcement officers to put pressure on judges, because he didn’t like their decision, “Gerasimov stated indignantly.

“Zelensky has taken another step towards the “Lukashenko-ization” of Ukraine. I understand that his faction, which helps him in this, must really like the current regime in Belarus, “the MP summed up.