International partners must see a strong and internally united Ukraine, which does not accept any “conspirators” behind its back – Poroshenko on Nord Stream-2

Until the construction of Nord Stream 2 is completed, nothing has been lost. International partners must see a strong and internally united Ukraine, which does not accept any “conspirators” working behind its back, the fifth President and leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko wrote on Facebook. He stressed that President Zelensky should go to Washington with the support of opponents of the current government, as well as civil society, the expert community, and international friends of Ukraine.

“As a statesman, as the fifth president of Ukraine, and ultimately as the leader of the democratic patriotic opposition, I cannot help but be troubled by the so-called US-Germany agreement on Nord Stream-2. Instead of just one challenge, which was until now Nord Stream 2 itself, we now have two, because of this American-German agreements. If we also factor in the Russian aggressor, the situation looks quite threatening. In fact, Ukraine is squeezed on all sides, pressured to agree to a “deal”, and another Budapest Memorandum 2.0 offer without truly reliable, legally binding guarantees for Ukraine,” the fifth President said.

“We have already gone through all this, and we no longer believe it. I will not remind you that Nord Stream 2 is a threat to Ukraine, to a United Europe, and to transatlantic unity. This is an axiom that everyone knows about but seems to have been forgotten in Berlin and Washington. The task of Ukraine, together with our partners in Eastern Europe, especially the Baltic States and Poland, at the level of parliaments, including the US Congress, is to clearly and firmly remind them of this. They have all got this wrong, even friends, who, I am convinced, are and will remain for Ukraine, such as President Biden and Chancellor Merkel, “- said Poroshenko.

“The last thing Kyiv wants to today is to start accusing our partners. Regardless of whether this is a betrayal of our interests. Regardless of if this seems like the surrender of Ukraine to the Russian aggressor. All this is exactly what they want in Moscow – that we all quarrel over this damn Nord Stream 2 project, and then Ukraine will get handed over to Putin calmly and without shots being fired. To avoid this devastating scenario, it is now more necessary than ever to demonstrate strength, inner resilience, unity and the ability to fight to the end, “Poroshenko is convinced.

“Until the construction of Nord Stream 2 is completed, until the entire gas pipeline is certified, until the gas goes through it – nothing is lost. Our international partners must see a strong and internally united Ukraine that does not accept any “conspirators” behind its back. Which does not agree on the prospect of launching Nord Stream 2. Which does not support the agreement between the United States and Germany. Which will require the cessation of construction and the launch of the “Putin pipeline” at the stage where it is now or will be at the end of August,” – said Petro Poroshenko.

“President Zelensky needs to go to Washington and shake President Biden’s hand. He must. But he has to go there with support behind him:

• Partners who are not interested in the completion of Nord Stream 2;
• Friends of Ukraine who will persuade both Washington and Berlin with their arguments against the “Putin gas pipeline”;
• Civil society and the expert community in Ukraine, which must unanimously point out the falsity of the US-German agreement;
• As well as the support of opponents of the current government, who can ruthlessly criticize and argue internally, but today must be united by a common goal of preventing Nord Stream 2.

“The closer this “deal of the century” is to completion, by 99% or 99.9%, the stronger our signal to the Russian aggressor about our struggle, unity and solidarity, the readiness of the collective West to counteract the Kremlin’s corrupt influences must be,” the leader of European Solidarity said.