Unique Ukraine “EU – Deputy Platform” begins work in all regions of Ukraine

The Open Office of the European Solidarity Party hosted a training for administrators of the unique for Ukraine “EU – Deputy Platform”, which allows deputies of different levels to work online, participate in regular trainings and identify the most active deputies who work with people every day. Representatives of the party from all over Ukraine took part in the exercise.

Serhiy Taran, a member of the Kyiv City Council from the European Solidarity and a member of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party, stressed that this service will help party members to share successful experiences.

“The “EU – Deputy Platform” is unique tool for Ukraine. It gives party members the opportunity, not only to communicate with each other and share experiences, but also to encourage our party members to work with people on a daily basis. After all, any real party should work not only during elections, but also between election campaigns,” he said.

“The activities of each member of parliament from European Solidarity at all levels are now gathered in one place, which provides an unprecedented level of openness and transparency of the party for all its members,” Taran said.

Dinara Gabibullayeva, a deputy of the Kyiv City Council from European Solidarity, member of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party, and the head of the Solidarity Youth NGO, noted that the Deputy Platform is a real social elevator in politics.

“The “deputy platform” is not a duty, but a source of motivation and development for our deputies. This is an opportunity to show that there are very talented people in our big party, even in small towns. And these are real social elevators for those who know how to work effectively,” she said.

In addition, during the event he launch of an innovative online hub for all members of the European Solidarity was announced, which will provide access to all necessary information from a convenient mobile application.

It should be recalled that on June 7, during the congress of the European Solidarity party, a presentation of the innovative project “EU – MP’s Platform” took place.