Iryna Friz: Consolidation of Political Forces Needed to Preserve International Coalition in Support of Ukraine

The authorities should keep their partners informed about the Ukraine’s priority issues and keep the topic of the occupied territories on the agenda. This was stated on the Facebook page of People’s Deputy of the European Solidarity faction, Iryna Friz.

“The issue of Crimea should not disappear from the international agenda, as it is a direct evidence of Russia’s aggressive and voluntaristic actions. The authorities are obliged to work diligently every day to strengthen the international coalition to counter the Kremlin’s aggression,” she said.

“US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine and Assistant Secretary of State George Kent, said that the United States will become a member of the Cabinet on the Crimean Platform in August, whose name is still unknown,” Friz added.

She also noted that the authorities should communicate with their international partners clearly, communicating their priorities, and not issuing ultimatums.

“Bankova does not seem to understand that neither the United States nor Berlin or Paris have watched the Servant of the People series, so they see no real basis for assessing the greatness of his personality, which has been destroying the foreign policy achievements of post-revolutionary Ukraine for the past two years.” the deputy emphasized.

“When the government has no strategy, and state measures are seen only as a trailer for a film, the position of the state is lost. After 2014, Ukraine had tremendous support due to the heroism and determination of the people, which was then conveyed by professional diplomacy. The attempt to replace Ukrainians with a cartoon character from a local TV series has led to our partners beginning to see in Ukraine, not her people, but this cartoon character,” the European Solidarity representative added.

“I have doubts not only about the representative level of the Crimean Platform. I have doubts about Bankova’s ability to keep the Crimea issue in the focus of our partners. We do not have time to wait for a change of government in order to return foreign policy issues to a professional, responsible level. Consolidation of political forces is needed in order to preserve the international coalition around Ukraine and strengthen it. Today it has become clear that the current government is not able to protect Ukraine from external aggression and resume its economic growth, ” Friz summed up.