The Office of the Prosecutor General should explain why subordinates sabotage court session in Pavlovsky’s case – People’s Deputies

The Office of the Attorney General should explain to the public the grounds on which prosecutors are deliberately sabotaging the appeal hearing in General Pavlovsky’s case, effectively delaying his detention indefinitely. This was stated by MPs of the European Solidarity faction near the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

“During the meeting, subordinates of the Prosecutor General tried to give reasons why this happened, why the prosecutors were not present at the meeting, because of which an innocent person will be in jail for another month. But these explanations did not seem credible. Following the meeting, according to the Prosecutor General, an investigation will be conducted into why this happened, and I hope that the perpetrators will be punished, “said Artur Gerasimov, co-chair of the European Solidarity faction.

“Now the political nature of this case is very clear. I will not be surprised if it is being managed directly from the Office of President Zelensky, and I will not be surprised if it is managed directly from his desk, “he added.

MP Rostyslav Pavlenko stressed that international practice recognizes torture as similar to that currently carried out by the prosecutor’s office.

“According to the qualification of the European Court of Human Rights and other international courts, non-appearance of prosecutors, unjustifiably high bail and similar things are qualified as torture. In other words, Pavlovsky will be imprisoned in order to force him to testify against Poroshenko, to make the case political and to use it to put pressure on the opposition. It is likely that this is what is happening now. We are waiting for a clear explanation from the prosecutor’s office as to why the prosecutors did not show up. Especially since a person from the group of prosecutors was in court,” he said.

MP Nina Yuzhanina stressed that the information about the UCP leadership’s lack of information about the non-appearance of prosecutors in court looks questionable.

“Their absence led to the fact that the person will be in a temporary detention cell for another month. This is a month of torture for an innocent person. And our employees, these prosecutors who are paid at the expense of the national budget, allow themselves to do this. It is a matter of irresponsibility. Why, in case of good reasons, was the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office not notified? It seems that all the management is now learning from us about what happened in court. It all looks false, and we have to wait for the truth, “the MP said.

“Outright lies are the business cards of this current government,” summed up the faction’s co-chair Artur Gerasimov.