The Tatiana Chornovol case is an attack on Ukraine and its achievements after the Revolution of Dignity – Gerasimov

The delays in the case against Tatiana Chornovol are evidence that Ukraine’s judicial system is governed directly by the Zelensky Office. Prosecutors and judges are in no hurry to hear her testimony, realizing that the case will fall apart and they will have to apologize for their false accusations against the Revolution of Dignity activist and volunteer Tatiana Chornovol. Artur Gerasimov, co-chairman of the European Solidarity faction, said this in a comment to journalists in front of the Darnytsia District Court of Kyiv, where the case against the People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation Tetyana Chornovol was being held.

“The question is what processes are taking place today in our country. I don’t think anyone will argue that Maidan is part of Ukraine. From Lviv region to the east of Ukraine. There are even four Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred in the Donetsk region. Nobody will argue that Ukrainian volunteers, military and combat officers are part of Ukraine,” the deputy said.

“All these trials – against Tatiana Chornovol, which is taking place today, and against combat general Pavlovsky, and against director Shandra, and against Sofia Fedina and Marusya Zvirobiy – are clearly mockery not only of Ukrainian volunteers, Ukrainian officers, heroes of the Maidan, but also a clear mockery of Ukraine,” Artur Gerasimov said.

“This is Zelensky’s real position. We must evaluate somebody not by what they says, but by what they do. Despite the fact that Zelensky talks about patriotism and other things in his speeches, his real deeds, real pressure on the entire law enforcement system demonstrates Zelensky’s real attitude to patriots, volunteers and veterans, “said the co-chair of European Solidarity.

He reminded journalists that the accusations were handed to Tatiana Chornovol in December 2020, and the case has still not moved through the court. “For me, all these are indicators of how protracted not only this case is, but also many other cases. This is just proof that, unfortunately, the judicial system is managed from Zelensky’s office, “Gerasimov added.

“These cases are hopeless, there is nothing there and they will fall apart from the inside as soon as you look impartially at all the documents and materials. Realizing this and realizing that as soon as the court hearing takes place, cases should be closed, people should be acquitted and apologized to for what happened, the authorities continuing to do so in order to put significant pressure on Ukrainian patriots, “he also stressed.

The deputy is states “Here questions and pressure are being levelled at the achievements of Maidan. This is sabotage of pro-Ukrainian politics. This is an attack on Ukraine and pressure on the achievements that Ukraine has achieved since 2014.”

Artur Gerasimov noted that this is political pressure on all those who did not give in during the Revolution of Dignity, who did not break during the Russian aggression. “For example, let’s take the cases against Petro Poroshenko. These senseless, meaningless cases, where at any cost they just want to denigrate and accuse us of what we have done for Ukraine, what is the achievement of Ukraine. To blame us for freeing two thirds of the occupied Donbass, for the fact that Ukraine received the Tomos – this is not comparable to common sense, “added the deputy.