Threats from Belarusian dictator Oleksandr Lukashenko require tough, decisive, and effective reaction from Ukrainian authorities – “European Solidarity”

The recent statements of the so-called “president” of Belarus, Oleksandr Lukashenko, in which he resorted to direct threats against Ukraine and hinted at the recognition of the illegally occupied Russian Crimea, require a tough, decisive and effective response from Ukrainian authorities.

In fact, Lukashenko also legitimized the so-called “republics of the People’s Republic of Luhansk”, as Belarus previously recognized illegal documents, allowing seperatists entry into its territory on the basis of so-called “passports” and license plates from the regions occupied by the Russian Federation.

Russian special services and military formations have long felt at home in Belarus. The creation of a single union state of the Russian Federation and Belarus poses a direct threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. In the case of a union, the border with the aggressor state would increase by a third.

Dictator Lukashenko’s aggressive allusions make it clear that he is ready to be Putin’s accomplice in the invasion of Ukraine and the occupation of Ukrainian territories.

Lukashenko’s calls for so-called direct talks with DNR militant leaders do not stand up to any criticism. This public mockery of the Kremlin’s scenarios confirms the seriousness of the threat on our northern border.

European Solidarity calls on the Ukrainian authorities to respond adequately, promptly and toughly.

We need to strengthen the protection of our borders and increase funding and security for our border guards and troops.

Ukraine must join the sanctions policy of Western countries against Lukashenko.

It should be recalled that during the time of President Zelensky, the Servant of the People faction voted for the purchase of Belarusian electricity, and Zelensky’s government bought said energy, in fact financing the dictatorial regime. And today there is a great risk of returning to these schemes.

We insist that at its first sitting in September, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine must vote on EU initiatives to completely ban the purchase of electricity from Russia and Belarus.

With the backdrop of the actual economic war declared by Lukashenko, Ukraine should give up Belarusian exports as much as possible.

Also, having Minsk as a platform for peace talks is becoming increasingly dangerous for the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG.

Lukashenko has reiterated that today Belarus is not a neutral country but instead works entirely in the Kremlin’s favour. The TCG site must be relocated.

Ukraine, together with the international community, must make every effort to hold Lukashenko accountable for the daily human rights abuses, detention and torture of opposition members in Belarusian prisons, the disappearance and killing of civilians who disagree with the dictatorial regime, and the transfer of Wagner Group war criminals to his sovereign Putin.

The Ukrainian government, whose representatives often allow themselves to make rude and undiplomatic statements towards our international partners from the EU and the US, have instead not learned to react harshly and effectively to insults against Ukraine by dictatorial regimes with inadequate rulers.

We must clearly understand that the so-called “president” Lukashenko ceased to be an independent politician a year ago. The Kremlin now speaks through his mouth. His actions are Putin’s instructions. His hostile intentions and threats are nothing but the intentions and threats of the Russian aggressor. That is why Putin must be held accountable for Lukashenko’s words. The Ukrainian authorities should intensify their efforts and convey this message and knowledge to our Western partners.