Akhtem Chiygoz: It is important that the Crimean Platform makes clear progress in support of Ukraine, and not become a declaration of intent

Russia has always put pressure on the Crimean people and Ukraine’s international partners, so in preparing for the Crimean Platform, world leaders should not react to the aggressor’s provocations. This was stated by former Kremlin political prisoner and MP from the European Solidarity faction Akhtem Chiygoz on the TV channel ” Pryamiy.”

“Since 2014 and the beginning of the occupation, Russia has been threatening everyone, and the consequences of these threats are felt most by Ukrainian citizens in Crimean prisons, those who are abducted, murdered or subject to other terrors. Other states have more economic concerns from these threats. I do not think that our partners should pay attention to Russia’s threats, because they have been there since day one. When European or world institutions make decisions on Ukraine, there is always pressure from Russia,” he said.

“Now there will be more threats against our citizens, who, we hope, will make themselves known during the Crimean Platform and the parliamentary session in support of it on August 23. This will be the choice of each of our citizens in the Crimea. Because they are the resistance and the challenge against the occupying power,” Chiygoz added.

The People’s Deputy also noted that during the summit of the Crimean Platform, the methods of support for Ukraine by partner countries should be clearly defined.

“Some people think that it is enough to clearly state once again on this platform the position of our partners that they do not recognize the annexation and that they demand the liberation of Crimea from Russian occupation. The result of this in recent years and from failed international activities – is the return of the Russian delegation to the PACE, Nord Stream-2, and other things, “said Chiygoz.

“A new, separate declaration or demonstration of their nations position on non-recognition of the occupation of Crimea is important. But we need to create real working groups and work out ways to be accepted by partners, heads of state, and world leaders, so that Putin feels effective pressure on him at any time. And to make something more than just a conference can be a problem, “the deputy added.

In addition, Akhtem Chiygoz stressed that resolutions made by international institutions in support of Ukraine always gain a large number of votes.

“We need to understand what we will do the next day after the Crimean Platform and what our next steps will be,” he concluded.