Able to win: Petro Poroshenko announced a patriotic flashmob on social networks

The fifth President and leader of the European Solidarity party, Petro Poroshenko, called on Ukrainians to join the patriotic flash mob on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence – #здатніперемагати

“30 years of Independence is, first of all, a history of our Ukrainian victories. The events that made us assert ourselves as a sovereign state. During this time, we have not just created our statehood and its institutions. We have shown ourselves, and the world, the unique role that Ukrainians play in the world, “Petro Poroshenko wrote.

“We surprised the whole world with our Ukrainian spirit when we went to the Maidan in 2004 and in 2014, fighting together for values and a civilized European choice. We, Ukrainians, are a great nation of real winners who know how to defend our values and defend our land. Only from 2014 to 2019 were we able to withstand the occupiers who came to our land and recaptured two thirds of the occupied Donbass, “the fifth President reminded.

“We created our army, navy, air force from scratch and launched the production of the latest weapons, including unique missile systems. We have decided our final geopolitical choice – to be members of the EU and NATO – and enshrined it in the Constitution. We became an associate member of the EU and received a visa-free regime, “said the party leader.

“The Ukrainian passport became the 37th strongest in the world. We have restored historical justice and gained independence for the Ukrainian church from Russia. For the first time, we gave authority and money to the regions, started decentralization and the creation of Ukraine as a state of communities based upon the European model, “Petro Poroshenko writes.

“We have given a boost to Ukrainian book printing, film and music industries. We got rid of communist idols and started a new policy of national historical memory. These are all our great Ukrainian victories that we have made together. But I am sure that our main victories lie ahead,” Petro Poroshenko is stated firmly.

“Let’s mention those events which have filled us with pride for Ukraine and remind everyone that we can win!” – the fifth president posted, offering to repost people using the social network hashtags #30роківперемог and #здатніперемагати.