Zelensky needs to correct his mistakes and intensify cooperation with international partners for the liberation of Crimea – Chiygoz

President Zelensky must take steps to work more actively with Ukraine’s international partners to put pressure on the Kremlin to de-occupy Crimea. Therefore, the Crimean Platform should become a logical continuation of the efforts of the team of the fifth President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, to liberate the peninsula from the Russian occupiers.

This was stated by the People’s Deputy of the European Solidarity faction Akhtem Chiygoz in an interview with the TV channel “Pryamiy.”

“This rhetoric suggests that nothing has been done like this for the past seven years before the current government – I always tell our colleagues in parliament and on the television that we need to be fair. First, what was being done had to be continued. The Crimean Platform is a continuation of the efforts that the government and the fifth President of Ukraine and his team had been making for seven years – UN Resolutions, speeches on international platforms, cooperation with our partners. More than a hundred countries have always supported the UN Resolutions against the Russian occupier, ” Akhtem Chiygoz stressed.

The deputy also noted that President Zelensky needs to show consistency on the issue of releasing political prisoners arrested by the Russian authorities in Crimea.

“When involving our partners in this process, they also need to clearly understand from our government what we want in the process of releasing political prisoners,” he said.

“We have heard claims levelled against Merkel, and Macron by Zelensky. – this is all wrong. Because when you want other states, our partners, to continue to put pressure on Putin, you need, first of all, to have order at home. For example, when the President of Lithuania speaks in parliament and makes it clear that it is not possible to buy electricity in Belarus and Russia, but when at the same time we know that we revoked the signing of the UN Resolution on Uighurs, we get feedback from public human rights groups and our friends from other countries that there is a disconnect, ” said the representative of European Solidarity.

“Therefore, each time we insist that our partners support us, we need to take steps within our state, which show our unity. And not instead prosecuting war volunteers, participants of anti-terrorist operation and generals who have made a big contribution to protection of our state, then go on and say – you know we need even more support”, – Akhtem Chiygoz explained.

He stressed that, first of all, it will be necessary to unite and do everything to stop such chaos within the state.

“The Crimean platform is important right now because there have been failures in international politics in recent years, and we are all now trying to start a new page in our cooperation with our partners to make the struggle for Crimea and the pressure on Putin more real,” – the deputy stated.