Iryna Gerashchenko: after two years of neglect, the military parade was returned to Khreshchatyk, with all the equipment created in 2014-2019

After two years of government neglect, Zelensky finally managed to organise a military parade, stated co-chairman of the faction “European solidarity” Irina Gerashchenko. She also called on the parliament not to insult the Ukrainian coat of arms and not to support attempts to level one of the main symbols of the Ukrainian state.

“The basis of our statehood is the army, language and faith. And it’s great that after 2 years of complaining that the military parade is like a waste, the military parade was returned, and Khreshchatyk bristled again with Ukrainian equipment created in 2014-2019,” Gerashchenko said.

“Independence Day is a day of unity. And it is a shame that today they are trying to split society and our parliament. Our language, our coat of arms, our anthem – this is what makes the enemy shake in the boots. They fear people like 20-year-old Vasyl Pelish. The Russian occupier has no say in carving our coat of arms, putting our trident on it. The trident of our military is not only on its logo, but its heart. And today we have no right to betray the Ukrainian army. And when today the deputies of the first convocation, who voted for independence, tell us that this coat of arms that you brought to the session hall is a shame, then let’s listen to them, “Iryna Gerashchenko urged.

“Let’s not let Zelensky repeat the same mistake, like when those first deputies were not invited to the parade or to the Mariinsky Palace. Let us reject this proposal, which is what our colleagues from the first convocation are calling for us to do today, “said the co-chair of the European Solidarity faction.

“Our coat of arms is a trident. It is impactful, it is historical, it is right, it is one of the symbols of the state, ”Iryna Gerashchenko summed up.