Thanks to the initiative of Maryna Poroshenko, 10 early intervention centres will be established in Kyiv

Deputies of the Kyiv City Council supported the draft decision of Maryna Poroshenko “On the establishment of early intervention centres in the city of Kyiv.” This decision will make it possible to establish a centre in each district of the capital to provide early intervention services to children under 4 years of age who have developmental disabilities or the risk of such disorders, as well as their families.

The leader of European Solidarity in Kyiv said that a network of early intervention facilities has long been established and successfully operates in all developed countries of the world. “This allows us to timely identify and correct developmental disorders of the child, to prevent such disorders, to improve the child’s development, to avoid disability and to ensure a full life in the future. Also, no less important, the Early Intervention Centres provide the necessary support for the families of such children,” said the head of the Kyiv City Council Commission on Health and Social Policy.

“With this decision, we are bringing Kyiv closer to the best European practices and bringing the network of social services of the capital to a qualitatively new level,” Maryna Poroshenko summed up.