The group of attackers on Poroshenko has already identified, but the government isn’t interested in investigating – lawyer Ilya Novikov

The perpetrators of the attack on the fifth President Petro Poroshenko during the March of the Patriots on August 24 have already been identified. Lawyer Ilya Novikov announced this before the Pechersk court, where a complaint about the inaction of the prosecutor’s office was to be considered. He stressed that the authorities were blocking the investigation and were not interested in solving the crime.

“Today there was no meeting about our complaint to the Office of the Prosecutor General. We hoped that the court would hear us out, that we would be able to communicate with the Prosecutor’s Office, although they do not want to talk to us,” Novikov said.

He also said that following the release of footage of possible participants in the attack on Petro Poroshenko, they were identified.

“There was more than one attacker. There were several of them, they have already been identified. We expect law enforcement officers to summon them for questioning, either on their own initiative, although they do not want to, or under duress, because of the decisions that the court should make. Obviously, as it was a group, as they coordinated their actions, tracked this move, waited for such a moment to carry out this attack – it is no longer hooliganism. This is an attack on a statesman, so we expect a constructive dialogue with the Office of the Prosecutor General. And that criminal proceedings will be instituted under the proper article,” Ilya Novikov said.

SBU General Viktor Kononenko, a Kyiv City Council deputy who witnessed the attack on Poroshenko, said investigators had not even spoken to him.

“Our applications are not being considered; their consideration is being blocked. I have not been interrogated yet, the investigation has not communicated with me. All this, and today’s court hearing, gives us reason to say that the crime is not only not being investigated, but it is deliberately covered up by the authorities. The authorities are not interested in him being investigated,” Kononenko stated.

He also thanked the people who helped identify those involved in the attack.

“Yesterday, after the publication of these photos, we already knew the names of two of the three attackers within an hour. Today in the morning we now know everything about their relatives living in Ukraine and abroad. We know the gym where they work out, we know the other members of the group they are in contact with. We will be happy to pass these materials to the police. But the police are not interested in capturing them, they are sabotaging our work. They ignore the information we have,” said Viktor Kononenko.

“We now know for sure that this is an organized, coordinated group of people who, according to our information, have a serious criminal history of involvement in various illegal activities, such as raids on agriculture. That is, they are well-known thugs, now we can call them “Zelensky’s thugs” who coordinated and planned to attack the fifth President Petro Poroshenko during the celebration of a national holiday, during a solemn procession,” said lawyer Igor Golovan.

“The direct perpetrator of the attack was detained, but almost immediately released, covered up by police. Then, as far as we know, he was taken home, then brought back. That is, I am personally convinced that these people, such as the infamous Judge Chaus, are now simply hidden from society and from the investigation,” Golovan said.

“Even the State Security Department, not only did they not file any allegations about the crime, but also did not ensure the appearance of its employees for questioning by the police as witnesses to what happened. That is, we see a completely coordinated activity of state law enforcement agencies from the highest offices, aimed at concealing and covering up criminal acts committed explicitly at the behest of the authorities. And, of course, we will expose all this, show it to the public and seek the punishment of the guilty,” Golovan summed up.