Victoria Sumar: Zelensky introduced censorship in Ukraine, no major TV channel showed CNN’s investigation into Wagnergate

No major TV channel in Ukraine has shown CNN’s investigation into Wagnergate. Authorities are afraid of criticism, want to make things easy and to make everyone remain silent, but this will not happen. This was emphasized by the People’s Deputy from “European Solidarity” Victoria Sumar from the rostrum of the parliament.

“If we are moving towards Europe, let’s not kill parliamentarism here. Because when one fool decides that he can dictate who can say what, we reset our progress. When they want everyone to be silent, when they are so afraid of criticism, when they want to make things easy, they again only reset our progress – both as a parliament and as a state,” the MP stressed.

“You can’t be so afraid of criticism; that you can’t talk from this rostrum. You really want the whole country to be silent. You did everything possible yesterday to prevent any TV channel from writing about CNN’s investigation into the Wagnerians. No major TV channel. This is called censorship, ladies and gentlemen,” said the representative of European Solidarity.

“And what MP Tyshchenko is doing here is nonsensical. I want to repeat, we should not be gossiping. You deputies, not gossipers. You are representatives of the people of Ukraine. And let’s all remember this,” Sumar stressed.

“And one more thing. In Ukraine, there is an even greater action for every action. Because when Yanukovych dispersed the students on the Maidan, the next day there were a million on the Maidan. And you will have no more power. Remember this, those who imagined themselves “monitoring” the country, the parliament, ” summed up the MP.