Petro Poroshenko met with a delegation of leading US think-tanks

The leader of the European Solidarity party and fifth President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, met with a delegation of US think-tanks, including the director of the Eurasian Centre at the Atlantic Council John Herbst and CEPA President Alina Polyakova.

The results of the President of Ukraine’s visit to Washington and the meeting of the President of Ukraine with US President Joe Biden were discussed.

Petro Poroshenko thanked the American side for its firm and consistent support of Ukraine.

Washington’s important assistance in consolidating international efforts to counter Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine and support reforms in our country was noted.

The critical importance of strengthening the transatlantic front of sanctions against Russia to ensure the de-occupation of Donbass and Crimea was stressed.

The situation in the field of development and strengthening of democracy, rule of law, judicial reform, and the stability of state institutions in Ukraine was discussed separately.

It is noted that an effective and systematic fight against corruption must remain a priority and is one of the defining markers of the attitude of international partners and investors towards Ukraine.

The importance of uniting all democratic forces for the restoration of territorial integrity, the implementation of reforms for the benefit of Ukraine, and ensuring membership in the EU and NATO was stressed.