The purpose of today’s special commission on “wagnergate” to remove Zelensky from allegations of treason – Nikolay Velychkovych

The so-called special commission of the “Servants of the People” and OPZZH are trying to fend off accusations against Zelensky and the President’s Office and remove them from suspicion of treason. Mykola Velychkovych, a People’s Deputy from the European Solidarity faction, told journalists about this. He stressed that the head of the special commission, Bezugla, made public the conclusions of the commission even before testimonies were given by intelligence officers who were directly involved in the operation against the Wagnerians.

Bezugla and the commission made up of Zelensky’s “Servants” are trying to fend off accusations against Zelensky and those who were with him at the meeting when the issue of the operation with the “Wagnerians” was considered. It is not clear to us why Ermak, as well as those who were present during this meeting, were not summoned to the commission. When Bezugla gave a briefing today, she had already made public certain conclusions of the commission, while the officers who came to the meeting today were still awaiting to testify on the operation, namely the officers who were involved in this operation – they had still not been heard yet. And Bezugla has already given her conclusions and her vision,” Velychkovych noted.

“Today’s meeting is an operation to protect the President’s Office, to save them from treason,” Mykola Velychkovych said.

“If we talk about the materials published by CNN, the author of these materials went with Zelensky to the front. His work was praised by the President’s Office as a professional journalism. If Bankova officials don’t know who the author is, maybe they should be pay attention to CNN’s standards. They do not check information from several sources and sources are not published. These are not Bankova’s telegram channels, that’s the difference, “the MP emphasized.

“What we have heard about is the humiliation of our intelligence services. This is a spit on our military, the guys who serve our country and conduct such unique special operations,” Velychkovych stated defiantly.

The deputy stressed that a separate commission on “Wagnergate” should be created, and today’s version of accounts by the “servants” does not hold up under scrutiny.

“It’s just the hysteria of the President’s Office, which is afraid of the investigation and is afraid of this material,” Mykola Velychkovych summed up.