Artur Gerasimov: we demand the interrogation of all participants at the meeting with Zelensky as part of Wagnergate

As part of the Wagnergate investigation, all participants in the meetings with the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky, including the President himself, should be interrogated. Artur Gerasimov, co-chairman of the European Solidarity faction, stated this to journalists. He also urged law enforcement officials not to agree to any proposals or instructions to destroy evidence in the Wagner case.

The events of recent days put an end to question about how and by whom the brilliant operation of the Ukrainian special services to detain the “Wagnerians” was stopped. Everyone in this country already knows that there was a special operation. “A special operation of the Ukrainian special services as part of the criminal proceedings to detain criminals from the Wagner air defence group, who killed our paratroopers, who killed innocent victims of MH17, who killed Ukrainian soldiers,” Gerasimov said.

“In my opinion, the events of recent days will dispel any doubts that the operation was stopped, but in fact cancelled and failed after the infamous meeting or discussions with Zelensky,” – says Artur Gerasimov.

“The question that remains is who would give such an order after this meeting. That is why we demand to interrogate all participants of this infamous meeting with Zelensky within the framework of the Temporary Commission of Inquiry,” the co-chair of the European Solidarity faction emphasized.

“We demand to know from the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Bakanov why in 13 months there was no action to investigate this crime. But this is not a priority for this pseudo-commission, which has just begun its meeting. Does anyone believe that the ‘Servants of the People’ will investigate the crimes of their leadership?” Gerasimov said.

He once again called for the creation of a real commission, of which the points of investigation will be clearly written down to find out why the mission against “Wagnerians” was aborted. This commission should include representatives of all factions and deputy groups, except from the “fifth column,” Gerasimov stated.

“I would like to appeal to law enforcement officers, the Security Service, the DBR, the Intelligence Department and others. If you have been approached, are being approached, or will be approached by certain government officials with a request or demand to destroy or rewrite documents in this case, do not do so. This is a criminal liability. Do not cover up for the criminals who surrendered this brilliant operation by our Ukrainian special services,” Artur Gerasimov summed up.