Poroshenko called on the world not to recognize the so-called “elections” to the Russian State Duma

Russia is grossly ignoring the norms and principles of international law and is destroying the Minsk agreement. Involving Ukrainian citizens living in the occupied territories in the so-called “elections” of the Russian parliament is an affront comparable to the capture of Crimea and the direct invasion of Donbas by regular units of the Russian army. This was stated in a video message by the fifth President and leader of the European Solidarity party, Petro Poroshenko. He called on Volodymyr Zelensky to reject their lies and immediately involve partners in putting increased pressure on the Kremlin.

“Instead of looking for Putin to agree to meet with Zelensky, we should revive the international coalition in support of Ukraine, which was destroyed by Zelensky’s dilettante, increase joint pressure on the Kremlin, and deepen sanctions against Russia,” Poroshenko said.

“Vladimir Alexandrovich! Cast away all these illusions, wake up and wake up your partners, whom you have lulled to sleep, as if it were possible to meet with Putin somewhere in the middle. This policy of appeasing the aggressor, which you promised when you came to power, does not work,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The leader of European Solidarity proposes the non-recognition of this election and to persuade the partners to do the same.

“It’s not just about giving a separate sharply negative assessment of the elections in Crimea and the occupied territories of Donbas. It’s more than that. There is no reason to believe that these “elections” in Russia will be better than last year’s “elections” with Lukashenko. That is why the assessments should be identical,” Poroshenko emphasized.

“Secondly, he should organize a powerful wave of condemnation against passportization, and declare it as an act of aggression against Ukraine. Both the UN General Assembly and our partners in the European Union should condemn this, including following the results of the Ukraine-EU summit in October. However, there was little condemnation. Russia must bear the international legal responsibility, “Petro Poroshenko stated.

He emphasized that sanctions against Russia should be strengthened for systematic non-compliance with the Minsk agreements, illegal passportization, and electoral annexation.

“And most importantly – for the fact that in just two and a half years of the so-called truce, Russia killed more than two hundred Ukrainian soldiers at the front,” said the fifth President.

“Energy blackmail, the backhanded actions of Moscow, which has raised the price of gas to almost a thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters, should expose those Europeans who believe that trade with Russia is a business, not tough geopolitics. Putin has gone off the rails, and this gives Ukraine another chance to stop Nord Stream-2,” Petro Poroshenko said.

He also reminded that in addition to the Normandy format, he also held tripartite talks between the leaders of Ukraine, Germany and France.

“Under Zelensky, there was no such contact. And all has been in vain. Maybe it’s worth a try? Maybe it will work now that Putin has speculated on gas as a lobbyist for Nord Stream-2? And when France is shocked by the Kremlin’s plans to send mercenaries from Wagner’s private army to Mali, whose detention operation was thwarted last year by Zelensky’s office. The United States should also be involved in developing a common position of pressure on Moscow,” the leader of European Solidarity stated.

Poroshenko stressed that the President of Ukraine should be in New York in the coming days, where the session of the UN General Assembly is set to begin, negotiating with partners and initiating special debates within the UN Security Council.

“The President’s task is to draw the attention of our friends, partners and allies to the Kremlin’s crimes. To mention the campaign of intimidation of the Crimean Tatar community in Crimea, the transformation of the peninsula into an “island of imprisonment” and a military base. He should convene a special debate within the UN Security Council. Ukraine must ensure that all member states of the Crimean Platform condemn Russia for the arrest of Nariman Dzhelyalov, the first deputy chairman of the Crimean Tatar People’s Majlis, who was a direct participant in the conference,” Petro Poroshenko said.