Poroshenko: Importing election fraud technologies from Russia is as unacceptable as buying gas or electricity from them

Russia is testing technology for falsification of votes through remote voting in the elections to the State Duma. The fifth President and leader of the European Solidarity party, Petro Poroshenko, said this in his video address. He warned the Ukrainian authorities against borrowing such election technologies.

“Russia is already testing technology on remote voting via the Internet. As they joke, it’s very “honest” and very “reliable” technology. They are experimenting in these elections so far in six regions of Russia, as well as in the Ukrainian Sevastopol and in the occupied areas of the Ukrainian Donbas,” Poroshenko said.

“I would very much like to be wrong, but there is a suspicion that it is from the Russians that our government borrowed this idea, which was first advertised at Stanford – that all citizens of Ukraine would have the opportunity to vote in the election on the Internet. He who controls the election draws the result,” said the leader of European Solidarity.

“Importing election fraud technology from Russia is as unacceptable as buying gas or electricity from them. We should ensure that the transit server and “counting” of 2004 is not repeated again. We will have fair elections, first, according to the Constitution, in October 2023, regular parliamentary elections, and later presidential elections. And we will not allow anyone to create a digitalized mechanism of falsification under the guise of fashionable and impressive tech,” the fifth President warned.