“European Solidarity” declares that crime has been committed by parliamentary majority

Deputies of the European Solidarity faction stressed that the parliamentary majority commited a crime during the adoption of the bill on oligarchs. Iryna Herashchenko, co-chair of the faction, announced this from the rostrum of the parliament.

“Today it is again like in January 16 and April 26 in this parliament, when dictatorial laws and the so-called ratification of the Black Sea Fleet were passed. Back then some deputies lowered their eyes because they were ashamed. They were aware of how they were breaking parliamentarism,” Herashchenko stressed.

“The majority had voted for the law on oligarchs together in groups – 279 votes. And no one blocked their ascension to the rostrum to vote for the law. We fought for the rules and the procedure. This is the beginning of the end. The end of this parliament, because you did not humiliate the opposition, but yourself, showing that you are just button pushers, for which everything is worth voting for. The main thing is to press so that you get your oligarchic envelope and get what you are told on Bankova Street,” the representative of European Solidarity emphasized.

“We declare this to be a crime, because today the deputies of Ukraine Stefanchuk and you all did not follow the instructions of Bankova to protect our amendments, our right to represent the interests of our voters,” – summed up Irina Herashchenko.