Ahtem Chiygoz: Authorities should protect political prisoners in Crimea

The issue of de-occupying Crimea and the protection of Ukrainian citizens under occupation unites the Ukrainian parliament. This was stated by the People’s Deputy of the European Solidarity faction, and former Kremlin political prisoner Akhtem Chiygoz from the rostrum of the parliament.

“Everything connected with Crimea, its de-occupation, the state in which our citizens reside in Crimea – they are under constant pressure of repressions, terror by criminals of the terroristic state of the Russian Federation, all this unites us”, – Chiygoz told the parliament.

“There are so-called courts in our territory, they work against our citizens every day. The authorities now need to take special control of the Nariman Jelal case and other political prisoners, organize the cooperation of all lawyers for the protection and provision of assistance to families,” the European Solidarity spokesman added.

He called for assistance to families living there, as was the case with the “sailors” case. “It is necessary to coordinate and put pressure on Russia,” the MP said.

“The synergy we talk about a lot needs to be worked on so that the pressure from international partners and our state can work as quickly as possible,” Chiygoz concluded.