“European Solidarity” submits allegations of a crime committed during the vote for Zelensky’s pseudo-de-oligarchization to NABU, DBR and OGPU– Herashchenko

European Solidarity has submitted to the NABU, DBR and the Prosecutor General’s Office a statement about a crime committed in the Verkhovna Rada on September 23, 2021, by parliamentary officials during the vote for Zelensky’s pseudo-anti-oligarchic law. This was announced from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada by the co-chair of the faction Iryna Herashchenko.

“We are submitting allegations of a crime on the premises of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 23, 2021,” Herashchenko said.

“The Constitution of Ukraine very clearly defines the legislative right of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine to a legislative initiative. Zelensky’s legislative initiative was implemented yesterday, but for the first time in this hall the right of deputies to a legislative initiative was violated,” the co-chair of the faction explained.

“There will be many names brought forward. And we ask that both the DBR and the prosecutor’s office record them. They will be in our statement. The chairman of the profile committee, Zavitnevych, essentially blocked the possibility for the people’s deputies of Ukraine to come and defend their amendments. Thus, expressing our will to improve the bill, we were not invited to this meeting in time,” Herashchenko reminded.

“Then Stefanchuk, the chairman of the sitting, exceeding his official authority, usurping power, obstructing the activities of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, together with Venislavsky and 250 people’s deputies from the majority, and two oligarchic groups, voted for violating the right of deputies to legislate,” said Herashchenko.

We consider these crimes to be under the articles “obstruction of a statesman”, “obstruction of the activity of a People’s Deputy”, “excess of official authority” and “usurpation of power”. And it is under these articles that criminal cases should be initiated and all those who arranged this nonsense here yesterday, who presided here yesterday and conducted all this, should be interrogated,” Herashchenko emphasized.

“As for the oligarchic parliamentary groups, I am very sorry that the people’s deputies present there, some who were involved in politics before January 16, 2014, still voted with their hands, feet and hooves to violate the regulations, repeating history again, voting for Zelensky in violation of the Constitution,” Herashchenko reminded.

“For Zelensky, the usurpation of power will end badly. We will not allow Belarus to be built in Ukraine,” Herashchenko summed up.