ES deputies file allegations of crime with NABU, DBR and OGPU: in order to usurp power, Zelensky’s “servants” violated the Criminal Code

People’s deputies from the European Solidarity faction submitted allegations of crimes committed by the majority deputies provided for in Articles 351 and 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine to the NABU, the DBR and the Office of the Prosecutor General. Artur Gerasimov, co-chair of European Solidarity, reported this to journalists. In particular, it concerns the responsibility of the first vice-speaker Stefanchuk and the representative of the president of the CCU Venislavsky.

“Last week, the ‘Zelensky authorities’ in the parliament not only grossly violated the law, but also committed criminal acts. As you know, it started with a meeting of the committee that considered the bill on the so-called “de-oligarchization.” These violations were continued during the meeting. Thanks to the crimes of Zelensky’s team, parliamentarism in Ukraine was destroyed last week,” Gerasimov explained.

“Today, the European Solidarity faction is submitting applications to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Office of the Prosecutor General and the State Bureau of Investigation regarding the of criminal offenses by those who directly organized the actions of the perpetrators last week in parliament,” Artur Gerasimov said.

“This crime is provided for by the articles of the Criminal Code, namely the obstruction of the activity of a People’s Deputy, abuse of power by officials, in particular by the First Vice Speaker and the President’s representative in the Parliament. Democracy is a procedure. And the law is obligatory rules of conduct which are accepted by parliament according to due procedure. Contradictory norms were adopted. This is a consequence of such illegal, criminal actions. In their haste, in fact, they ripped up the rules and procedure, making self-defeating decisions. And this is also part of this crime,” explained MP Rostyslav Pavlenko.

Volodymyr Vyatrovych noted that Zelensky’s so-called “law on oligarchs” is aimed at expanding the powers of the president and the National Security and Defence Council under his control, as well as pressure on the media.

“This law gives absolutely unconstitutional powers to the president through the National Security and Defence Council to denounce a politician or an oligarch he dislikes, and thus to put pressure on society. The law aims for President Zelensky to seize the fourth branch of government, which is the media, to redistribute the media market and to take control of independent media. Unfortunately, it reminds me of what happened in Russia in the early 2000s. Therefore, the law itself is dangerous, ” Vyatrovych stressed.

According to him, the precedent of how this law was adopted was no less dangerous – “due to the breakdown of parliamentary procedures, regulations, due to the fact that deputies were deprived of their legal right to voice their amendments.”

“When we talk about the so-called ‘law against the oligarchs,’ it has nothing to do with the fight against the oligarchs. This is a law about three things – to take away opposition TV channels, to persecute the opposition and to create Zelensky’s own new oligarchs. Just as they did in the Kremlin since the early 2000s,” Gerasimov said.

“The opposition has introduced its own bill to fight the oligarchy, which really allows it to do so by strengthening the rights of the Antimonopoly Committee, the NAPC and other institutions that can really do it. As for the law that was passed, it is a very big crime, and that is why the opposition is now filing applications to law enforcement agencies under Articles 364 and 351 of the Criminal Code,” Gerasimov said.