Political repression against all those who have defended Ukraine since 2014 is unacceptable – a statement by European Solidarity

European Solidarity is outraged by Zelensky’s attempts to build an authoritarian regime in Ukraine based on Lukashenko’s or Putin’s model. Political repression, violations of the principles of freedom of speech, criminal cases in response to acute public scrutiny and criticism- this what we have come to expect of the Russian government, this is unacceptable in Ukraine.

The main goal of Zelensky’s political repression, while still desperately trying to find peace in Putin’s words, is to discredit those who have opposed the Kremlin since the first day of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

For more than eight years, our country has been opposing this aggressor nation and defending the principles of freedom of speech. Ukrainian defenders on the frontline are paying a heavy price, defending the choice that Ukraine made during the Revolution of Dignity to favour European civilization. While in the rear, instead of developing European integration, freedom of speech, dialogue between the government and journalists, senior officials are introducing a top-down model of communication with the media, begins repression against unpopular journalists and freedom of speech.

Appointees from Zelensky’s entourage have repeatedly carried out attacks on freedom of speech in Ukraine. The aggression from the authorities over a lack of a lip service has essentially become the policy of the “Servants” towards the media – from pressuring the public broadcaster, to increasing his party’s representation on air, and even physical assaulting Radio Svoboda journalists with the Zelensky-Metzger goons.

It is even more outrageous that the case against the editor-in-chief of the publication “Censor.NET” Yuriy Butusov was initiated because of a video on military exercises. Will the current government, in every video on social networks that speaks of its readiness to defend Ukraine, initiate cases in the DBR out of anxiety – aren’t our military worried and frightened by Putin, and aren’t we preparing carefully for war with this aggressor country?

In this context, society has a question for the government: how much more from the state budget will fund these repressive organisations that have nothing to do with law enforcement?

“European Solidarity” once again reminds that the State Bureau of Investigation has not opened any relevant criminal cases for treason following the sabotage of the special operation to detain the Wagner group militants. The DBR is also silent about the “coup” announced by Zelensky. But instead, it produces new cases against Ukrainian journalists. There is no doubt who demanded these cases.

European Solidarity emphasizes that the Ukrainian patriotic community will never accept attempts to destroy freedom of speech in Ukraine. We demand that the authorities urgently investigate and find out who gave the order to initiate an absurd criminal case against journalist Yuriy Butusov.

Zelensky must finally learn that Ukraine is not Russia, and usurpation and dictatorship will not pass. Ukrainians will not allow it.