Zelensky’s entourage sending him down the path of Yanukovych and Lukashenko – Poroshenko in interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”

The fifth President of Ukraine and leader of the European Solidarity Party Petro Poroshenko, in an interview with the editor-in-chief of the influential Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, public figure and dissident Adam Michnik. Together they commented on the case against Poroshenko, which was fabricated on Zelensky’s instructions.

The Polish journalist, in particular, quoted from “Choice”, a book of conversations between journalist Anne Applebaum and Donald Tusk. Tusk spoke about his visit to Kyiv and talks with President Zelensky. “I saw in him,” Tusk said, “real determination, even anger, when he said how much he wanted to imprison Poroshenko. It was obvious that the opposition in Ukraine was a bigger emotional problem for him than Russia.” How would you comment on that? ” Adam Michnik asked.

“Of course, I would like to comment on this with humor, but I don’t have the words right now. The Russian army is stationed near Ukraine’s borders, and our Western partners, including the United States, have been sounding the alarm since the second half of October. Under these circumstances, Ukraine must move in two directions: to strengthen international support and strengthen internal unity, including increasing the combat capability of the Armed Forces. And instead Zelensky is talking about me every week. The issues of sovereignty, territorial integrity and repulse of aggression concern him less than his own ratings. He wants to reach an agreement with Putin, and Poroshenko then attack me, “said the opposition leader.

“Zelensky is the president of TV drama. He lives by scripts, odysseys, PR-photo ops. He does not know what to do with Putin. He thinks that it is necessary to initiate a meeting under any format: be it face to face, the Normandy format, or with the participation of Americans. The main thing for him is to meet with Putin, and look him in the eye, because he is still desperately trying to find peace there, “Petro Poroshenko said.

“But we see that the people are disappointed with Zelensky. The reason for this disappointment is Zelensky himself. This is a completely natural finish for a populist politician. In this situation, a politician should make changes to gain trust. Zelensky took a different path. He proposed to change the election legislation so that, as in Russia, it was possible to vote online, “Poroshenko said, emphasizing that this was a direct path to large-scale fraud.

“Zelensky’s entourage has pushed him towards the path of Yanukovych and Lukashenko. He is repressing the political opposition, liquidating independent courts and the prosecutor’s office. And the icing on the cake – he accuses the leader of the pro-European opposition of treason and terrorist financing, ” Petro Poroshenko concluded.