Poroshenko’s Lawyer Golovan: The case against Poroshenko is classic political persecution in accordance with case law of the European Court of Human Rights

The case against Petro Poroshenko is a classic example of political persecution in accordance with the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, said lawyer Igor Golovan during a speech at the Kyiv Court of Appeal. Golovan stressed that the court hearing was postponed for a unjust reasons.

“The lawyers of our practice have visited here several times, we asked to get acquainted with all the materials, we presented our documents, we got acquainted with the prosecutor’s appeal and made sure that there is nothing new there, no legal grounds for precautionary measures against Petro Poroshenko. There are none and cannot be. Today we were ready to represent the interests of Petro Poroshenko,” Igor Golovan said.

“I would like to remind the public once again that, according to the ECtHR ruling, tell-tale signs of political persecution include hasty public statements by officials assessing the qualifications of events under investigation, often even discrediting evidence, unproven public evaluations of the opposition, degrading the opposition, and assigning special treatment during the investigation. That is, we are seeing all the signs of political persecution, which are enshrined in the ECtHR, here now, “said Golovan.

“We heard yesterday how a DBR spokeswoman, who was holding a briefing on the huge tragedy in the Dnieper, still dedicated a significant part of that briefing to Poroshenko. In other words, we see political motivation, we also see that this activity is managed directly from the government offices, from the President’s Office,” the lawyer stated.

“We will remind you that President Zelensky himself spoke about this case in an interview and gave his own assessment. We know that the MP from the pro-government faction, named Dunda, clearly announced a plan last year about when the so-called “suspicion” would be made- saying that it will be made “under the Christmas tree…in late December, as we know.” the lawyer stated.

“That is, we are witnessing classic political persecution, and these are legal terms, these are the terms of ECtHR decisions, which, let me remind you, are a source of law in Ukraine. Therefore, I would like to remind you once again: Poroshenko has no obligation to testify in accordance with the law, Poroshenko has no obligation to take part in procedural actions. And that is why, guided by these rights, we will not allow these show trials to take place. There is an obligation to appear while this illegal decision of the Pechersk court is in force, which we hope will be overturned. However, there will be no participation in the show, which for some reason they call procedural actions,” Igor Golovan stressed.