Poroshenko called on Zelensky to stop living his soap opera: civil wars are playing into the hands of the enemy

The latest case fabricated on Zelensky’s instructions has nothing to do with the law, said Petro Poroshenko, the fifth president and leader of the European Solidarity party, in a video address. He called on Zelensky to stop creating a soap opera and to defend the state.

“A pack of lies” is a saying we often use. Now you can even call it a “pack of court cases”. Especially when it comes to the cases that are fabricated against me on the direct instructions of Zelensky. I would like to emphasize once again that all these more than a hundred cases have nothing to do with common sense or law and are politically motivated,” Poroshenko stated.

“Zelensky is trying to get rid of a political opponent, as Putin is doing in Russia, Lukashenko in Belarus. And how Yanukovych did in Ukraine. And he does it in his usual soap opera style, where interrogations will be the next episode in this low-quality series,” Petro Poroshenko said.

“Therefore, I will reiterate I have already given all the evidence on the so-called “coal case” to the investigation. I answered all their questions and warned that I would definitely not play the role that the “Kvartal” screenwriters and video directors came up for their completely inappropriate charade,” the fifth President said.

“Finally, if we’re talking about treason, then the presence of Zelensky is absolutely necessary. He should answer to this in person. At the very least, about his criminal inaction in matters of strengthening our country’s defence capabilities – against the background of possessing some of the world’s most powerful intelligence on the intensified preparations of the Russians for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is what worries Ukrainians today. As well as the purchase of $ 3 billion of coal from the aggressor countries and electricity in Ukraine and Belarus,” said the party leader.

“Obviously for everyone except Zelensky- Ukraine’s biggest enemy is Putin. And to stop him, the authorities must at last listen to the advice of the pro-European opposition. Civil wars are playing into the hands of the enemy today. The key to victory is through the unity of all of Ukrainian society and the entire civilized world,” Poroshenko stressed.

“It’s time to stop this soap opera and face reality,” Petro Poroshenko said.