Statement by the European Solidarity Party

All “statements” by Medvedchuk as regards Petro Poroshenko are an obvious information subversive attack in the interests of the aggressor’s country as today the collapse of internal political unity would not work in Ukraine’s interests.

Willing to save his own skin from responsibility for his anti-Ukrainian activities, Medvedchuk is ready to “state” anything about anyone. These are not the first “sensational” testimonies against Poroshenko; they have already been given by Portnov, Derkach, Onyshchenko, Zhvania, Kuzmin and other Russian agents.

There is no doubt that the words about Poroshenko were written for Medvedchuk by clients, and that is why he read them from a prompter. Transfer to better living conditions and promises of exchange was the “payment” for these “testimonies”.

We are saddened that at time of war the Security Service of Ukraine does not investigate cases on an obvious collaboration of some SSU generals and Verkhovna Rada deputies with the enemy, but instead it fits up bright politically motivated videos holding “pseudo-testimonies” by Medvedchuk. That is why it is not Medvedchuk and his “testimony” that raise concern, but the fact that, at an extremely difficult time at the frontline, some government officials, such as Bakanov and Tatarov, resort to openly harmful actions – they violate the principle of internal political unity.

The European Solidarity has been adhering to this principle since 24 February.

And we keep insisting that it is not before the war is over that public debates between the government and the opposition may return to agenda. Today we must work together to win.

We hold answers to all questions. While the government does not have answers to the questions that society has.

How could it happen that Medvedchuk, a state traitor, become a source of reliable information for the government, as well as the hosts of his channels became participants in the patriotic tele marathon; why the government forms a loyal parliamentary group from its associates in the former “Opposition Planform – For Life” instead of investigating them; and why do some acting deputies from pro-government groups and the “Servants of the People” directly collaborate with the enemy? It won’t be of surprise for us if the case against Poroshenko would find testimonies of Putin added.

It is yet again that the European Solidarity calls on the authorities to secure the internal unity as a guarantee of victory, and we hope to be heard.

The enemy is not Poroshenko, the enemy is Putin. The war distinctly unveiled who is who: who fought and is fighting for Ukraine, and who wants to reproduce an eternal historical scenario of Ukraine’s division from within. As statesmen we are convinced that attempts to fuel an internal conflict in Ukraine play into the hands of Moscow. Today our common task is to save Ukraine and liberate the Ukrainian land from our eternal enemy – Russia.